Guild Rules & Info

A FAQ type of question and answer for all types of info on Dynasty, though it's mostly our rules and restrictions


  1. How do I become a Member?

    You need to be in the guild for at least a day and have four level 20 jobs. Plus its preferable if you join our guild site (:

  2. How can I become an Officer?

    The way to become an officer is to 1. Be in the guild for at least two (2) active weeks 2. Basically you have to act like an officer though you're a member: help others, recruit your friends, be a good face for the guild for the outside realms (such as you represent Dynasty so represent yourself well), be active on the guild site (huge factor is being active on guild site and/or being social in FR), show that you help others and can help us run events. We do have a quota of only 9 officers at the moment however.

    Almost everybody looking to become an officer should fill an Officer Application Form, as that shows us that you are responsible to take the time to do it and tells us you are looking for an officer position. Also you may notify a leader or an officer of your wish as they do have influence on the decision, however repeated notification will be considered begging which is one way Not to receive a promotion.

    The Dynasty Council Leaders meets at least every week to review officer applications and needs 2 out of the 3 leaders to make a promotion (if a leader has not been online for 4 days or more we make the decision without him/her), though you may have been in the guild for two (2) weeks, you'll have to wait for this meeting for your application to be reviews.

    Notice: You may be qualified for an exceptional officer, but as of now Dynasty is only looking for 9 officers at a time, so you'll have to wait for one to leave or for us to raise the limit, make another guild, or for an officer to quit, thank you for your patience!

  3. How do I become a leader?

    You can't become leader unless we open extension guilds.

  4. How do I become part of the Dynasty Council?

    Dynasty's Council is the just the league of all the officers and leader in the guild, along with special circumstances where leaders of alliance guilds can participate.

  5. How can I be made a moderator?

    The moderators on the site are those people in the Dynasty Council.

  6. When does the guild promote people?

    Members can be promoted at any time, however Officers are only promoted on weekends and thats if you get the 2/3 vote from the leaders.

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  1. What will get me demoted or deleted?

    There are many ways to be demoted, xD sorry, here are all of them as of now...

    1. Going more than one week offline without giving notice (if your a member). By the way this is a demotion, not getting kicked.

    2. Going 2 weeks offline without giving notice (if you an officer). By the way this is also a demotion, not getting kicked.

    3. Causing drama in the guild such as fights, you may get a warning first or you may just get kicked.

    4. If you're an officer: demoting or deleting people or making people officers (can result in being kicked without warning).

    5. Not following any different rules that may be in effect for specific times, such as games or events (its okay if you don't understand, purposefully cheating is whats wrong).

    6. If room is needed for more people in the guild, then recruits with 2 weeks offline or more, without reasons for their absence having been giving, will be deleted for others.

    7. If you are found to be cheating at one of our events, or anything similar to cheating, on purpose then you will be given a warning, demoted, or kicked, depending on past offenses and what you did.

    8. If you are swearing or spamming, especially on the guild chat.

    9. Anybody after 3 weeks offline with no notice is assumed to have quit Freerealms and will be deleted.

  2. What happens if I leave the guild?/Why do some people get promoted so quickly?

    If you leave the guild for less than a week then when you get back, if we have room, you are automatically put back in your original rank, but if you leave for more than a week than you have to start all over again (well it will take less time but usually you have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for your old positions.

    This is also why some people seem to be promoted so quickly, they left the guild, then they didn't have to wait a couple weeks for their old spot, which may seem unfair if you didn't know that and only saw that they are getting promoted sooner than you.

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General Guild Info

  1. What do I do if I have a complaint?

    If you have a complaint with anything or anybody first thing you should do is talk to an Officer or leader. If you still wish to persue the issue, you are welcomed to fill out and send a complaint form from This Page and I personally will see to or bring it up to the council.

    The thing you should do to get it solved is to not make a big deal out of it or you will be causing drama also. Just fill out the questionnaire and send it, that will show responsibility and get everything solved and back to normal quickest.

  2. What are our Guild Events?

    This guild usually does events every other weekend once we get full. I usually plan and carry out the events, so the timing and actual event is up to me unless council overrules it or an officer is running the event.

    So far in this guild and past guilds I led we have done duel tournaments, capture the flag, paintball, Guild Olympics, and parties. The turn outs of these events can be fantastic, though how good they are usually depends on how many people show up, and though these events aren't mandatory, we encourage you to come and ask that if you sign up that your coming that you do come or give us notice if you find out you can't.

    The events sometimes have prizes, sometimes are just for fun, you will have to listen to our news, guild chat, and forums to find out. The rules are listed on our Dynasty Events Page.

  3. Who are our Ally guilds?


  4. What is the Dynasty Council?

    Dynasty Council is the collection of all the officers and leaders in the guild (along with sometimes Ally guild leaders), who meet once or twice a month to review how the guild is doing. And though each individual officer and leader has their respected power, the counil can overturn and change any decision they have made and the only power that can overrule the council is unaminous leader agreement.


    Although the leaders can unaminous outvote the council, it does have its power, such as there is hardly an issue all 3 leaders are agreed upon. And council can bring up issues to the leaders attentions, and discuss them such as new leaders, officers, different events, extensions guilds, etc.

    We usually do the reviews of these meetings in the council forums. The max number of people allowed in the Council is 12 people. Also the rule is that out of every 5 Council threads or meetings we make you have to attend at least 3 of them unless something is stopping you, if you don't then you will be replaced as you aren't doing your job.

  5. What is Dynasty's history?


  6. What is the Guild Bank?

    The Guild Bank is a place where we keep our Funds for guild events, competitions, and the Guild Houses. It has its own account called Guilds Bank of course. Donations are extremely welcomed and will get you name in the Hall of Fame.

    Also the 3 week or older members in good standing with the guild can take out money from the guild bank, they need to contact the Bank's Manager (Jáy) and he will help you out and even help with you to have you repay the bank. No interest but you must pay the bank back within 1-2 weeks depending on how much you took out.

    COMING SOON: We are working to change the guild bank into a sort of market place just for Dynasty Members

  7. What are the Guild Colors?

    Our official guild colors are pink and black, although the site colors seem to be lime green and light blue.

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Officer/Leaders Rules

  1. What do Officers do in the guild?

    If you are an officer, you have many responsibilities in the guild, one reason why you should just stay member and enjoy the guild and not become officer and have to work for it Here is a list of things officer have to do, and if neglected too much they will be made members again

    1. Officers have to devote their time to helping others, such as if somebody in the guild needs help leveling up and no members or recruits are helping them, it's the officers job to help them.

    2. Whenever anybody has a question about the guild and asks the guild chat or an officer personally the officer has to answer the questions even if they don't know the answer, even if they just tell them somebody else who might know the answer.

    3. Officers DO NOT have the power to delete anybody in the guild for any reason unless that person is causing guild drama, swearing, fights, and won't stop. It's the officers job, if a leader isn't online, to warn the person first, then demote them, then if it continues, to delete them (this is only if there isn't time for an officer to wait for advise from a leader. If an officer does deletes somebody without cause (making room for somebody else in the guild IS NOT a reason) then they will be demoted and if it happens more than once, they will be deleted.

    4. Officers also CAN NOT make anybody else in the guild an officer, they can recommend to the leaders to make somebody an officer, but officers can't promote people.

    5. Officers are able to promote people to member given those people have met the qualifications: they joined the guild site, they are not drama causers, and they have a couple lvl 20 jobs.

    6. It's the officers duty to invite people into the guild, though they CAN NOT invite random people, they can invite their friends and other people's friends. Whoever's friend it is that they are inviting has to be able to vouch for that person that they are friendly, not a noob, and will be good in the guild.

    7. Officers have to listen and do as any of the leaders says, unless it is completely unreasonable such as giving them money, in that case, make a complaint, most preferably in the Complaint Forms page and don't make a huge deal out of it.

    8. Officers have to help spread the news of whatever events are upcoming in the guild, such as party on Saturday, Paintball, and details, etc. Also they have to help get people to sign up for events while leaders aren't online, going around asking people if they want to join.

  2. What do Leaders do in the Guild?


  3. What are the rules for the Dynasty Council?

    The Dynasty Council is split into two categories, the Critic Board and the just the Council in the Council Thread (though same people are in both of them).

    The Critic Board is a council which is basicaly a review board. Its where people discuss the latests events in the guild along with their issues and some idea's or opinions for future events.

    The Council Thread is where the Dynasty Council discusses major decisions and going-ons in the guild such as extension guilds, discussing new officers, impending issues, etc. 

    We usually make final decisions in the forums posted in the Dynasty Council Category. these forums are for moderators only and have issues on them that we take votes on to see which side has the majority view. The max number of people allowed in the Council is 12 people. Also the rule is that out of every 5 Dynasty Council threads we make you have to respond to at least 3 of them unless something is stopping you, if you don't then you will be replaced as you aren't doing your job.

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Member/Recruits Rules

  1. What are the rules for being a Member?

    Just be talkative and create a positive atmosphere for Dynasty!! Oh and have fun (:

  2. What are the rules for being a Recruit?

    Pretty much nothing specific for a recruit, just learn to love the guild, get to know the people in it along with our rules and we'll be sure to get to know you.

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Website Info & Rules

  1. What are the rules for the website?

    The rules for the website are pretty simple, no swearing on the guild chat or forums, no swearing or using inappropriate images or videos on the Photo's and Video's Galleries, and just have fun playing the games and exploring it.

  2. What is the Dynasty Award?

    We do have a Member of the Month contest each month, the winner showing to be the most Dynasty worthy. The Prize being 10,000 coins each winner and there can be one (1) to three (3) winners.

    The winners are the people that have helped out the guild the most or in the biggest way that month, and if you think you should be one then you can't just help out yourself or other people in the guild (though that helps a lot), go above and beyond by spreading our name on the Freerealmsinsider, or on the Freerealms forums, or in Freerealms, transform the guild by bringing in great friends that don't cause drama and are online often or making the ones that are in the guild better and make them feel welcomed.

  3. What is Honorable Member of the Month?

    This award is given to those who have helped the guild a lot, different than that of the Dynasty Award, as that could be opinionated and also is for those who have changed the guild, this award is given to those who have gotten the most people to join the guild (only counts if they are good people who doesn't cause fights and are active) and this guild site. The award as all others is your name in Dynasty history and 10,000 coins per winner, with a maximum of two (2) winners.

  4. What is Dynasty Art Winner?

    Each month, Dynasty will have a contest to see who has done the most as creating something to do with Dynasty, it can be a picture, painting, a video, something in your House, etc. The top two (2) will win and have their name in Dynasty history and 10,000 coins per piece that wins.

    As I, Jáy, am rewarding people, this does not apply to me. Also we have the right to deny this reward if nobody has done anything worth while. If you have something you want us to look at, just send a message to me, Jáy on this site, aka JayRenegade, or i might just randomly find something that you did. We are flexible as Art is very broad so if you did something and you want to know if it counts, just ask.

  5. What is the Game of the Month?


  6. Do we have a website chat?

    We have a 2 guild chats that anybody can join, it is a great place to chat no filter and pass the time. One of them has a voice chat (guild chat) and one of them we use to watch movies (movie night).

  7. What is the Current Members Listing?

    That is basically a roster of the guild, also giving you info on each person, it is updated every week or 2 weeks.

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