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Back to School Event!

Posted by Joseph on August 18, 2012 at 12:00 AM

As Jay would say:

"It's time for another Dynasty event! Aren't you excited? xD ..."

This event is all over at FRI that I have made. Since this is late notice, I am giving this a post a few hours earlier (Like many hours) to post it so many can see what they need to do.


As we progress through the year, there's always that one time we all have to face in our lives (most of us anyway). That is known as School. When school starts back for everyone, it's going to be a hard time to see each other like we did over the summer. Some might even not come back until School has ended.

As I did at my Insiders Summer Bash (Which was a HUGE Success), I decided to do this little party at a different area. For the past month, I have been working on a New Insiders Guild Party house for us to Rock N' Roll at for one of my next huge events. So, I built it like an Academy almost sorta like. The whole house is Inspired by the Guild Colors for Insiders itself (Green and Orange. Remember that ^^).

So, I thought about this, and thought "Hey. Why not an awesome Back to School party before everyone heads back for the year? o:" So, I did a bit of research, and seen what I could do, and I think I am able to host a big party before School goes back in Session. So Prepare yourself for a Fun, NON-Educational Party for Insiders once again!

Here's What you should maybe expect here at my little party (Remember ~ EVERYONE is Invited! ^^)!

*You will see Many New Features added to the home then what Many have seen before!

*You'll Have a Customized Area just made for the Dancing stuff ^^

*Much More!

Think about this as well ~ Maybe if we get a Visit from Jillian Rosehill, maybe many could get there spots in the guild! Win win for all of us then, But it's not a promise any staff will show up. We are just here to have fun with our Members of Free Realms, and FRI to have a very very fun party!

Here's the Info You need to Know:

*You are not Required, but Wear anything that you would to School.

*Be Yourself in all the things you can be!

*I ask from our Guests to Please not trade here in our Party. I really hate to see More trading then more Fun.

*Also ~ Do not be rude to others.. No causing Drama. I will ask you to leave if it continues

*Remember ~ Most Importantly ~ HAVE FUN!

So, Let me give Warnings. I am online all day, pretty much everyday, so I have the time to finish what I need to get finish without any disturbances.. Now, I might have to trade here and there, and get some fresh air, but other than that, I will be at work. No one will be allowed in the home, until the Opening Date. Those who port will be in a Box the whole time they are there.

This will Also Be Posted on any forum you can think of! We want to have fun with this as much as possible as well as bringing many members! Please Keep check on new updates and such Please =)!

OH! Almost forgot this Part!

You will Need to Add Shane Snowheart (Which is Me) In order to come to my Area.

We plan to have this party on Server 1 Like Always.

Location ? : It's at my Ancient Citadel Lot, but I would like for Members to Port rather then Question ^^

Date & Time ? : I plan to have this on August 18th, 2012 at around 6:00PM Eastern Time Zone ; 5:00PM Central Time Zone ; 4:00PM Mountain Time Zone ; 3:00PM Pacific Time Zone!

I think the info is pretty self explanatory, and it's easy to figure out. I hope we can get some Insiders, Old & New ones, and Maybe Past Ones to come and Join us for this Spectacular Event! We hope to see you there!!

Hugs and Tickles!!

~Shane Snowheart

This event will be representing my old guild, Insiders, as well as for my new guild, Dynasty. We hope many members decide to show up for us and support both Insiders and Dynasty at this event!

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